General Mining Concessions, LLC

Corporate Overview

General Mining Concessions, LLC (GEMCO) is a State of New York limited liability company with executive offices in New York City and operations in metal rich Peru. We have a strong executive team consisting of: experienced and successful business executives; mining and metallurgical engineers; traders in non-ferrous and precious metals; and Peruvian citizens. Our mission is to acquire and exploit the concessions of existing small-scale metal mining operations in South America that indicate the potential to return the original investment within the first year of production and that also have the possibility of returning many times the original investment over a period of five years. Our exiting plans include a sale to a significantly larger metal company or becoming a public company through an IPO or a reverse merger. GEMCO has acquired, and will continue to acquire, the rights to mine (concessions) certain properties that contain lead and silver in significant commercial quantities. Additionally, we have negotiated an arrangement with a federation of small miners to collect and consolidate their production of lead and silver bearing ores for the mutual benefit of the federation, its members and GEMCO. Our production and consolidation of ore will be sold directly to both refineries and large international metal traders. Worldwide markets already exist for both lead and silver, the two important metals contained in our ore. In addition to our mining and consolidation operations, we intend to exploit many spot metal trading opportunities. We already have relationships with the sellers and potential buyers of such metals as molybdenum, copper, gold and aluminum. These transactions usually require only a small investment in sampling, assaying and transportation with a completion of the transaction within thirty days or less. We believe the overall business experience and expertise of our management and production teams will result in the successful exploitation of the many metal opportunities available to us in South America.

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What’s New


Executive Officers of Fenamarpe and Gemco met in Nazca, Peru and signed an accord for a number of strategic projects that will improve the living standards and introduce technology to 350,000 small miners who are members of Fenamarpe. The projects include joint ventures in refineries, claim filings for mineral rights and sales and consolidation of member’s ore. Gemco has estimated that the full potential value of this opportunity could run into hundreds of millions of dollars.