Signing of Strategic Framework Alliance

On June 8th, operational and executive officers of General Mining Concessions, LLC (Gemco) based in New York and Lima met with the Officers and board members of Fenamarpe, the Federation of Small Miners to sign a strategic framework alliance that will be the start of important cooperation between the federation and Gemco. The meeting took place in Fenamarpe’s regional offices in Nazca, Peru. The alliance anticipates a joint venture in which Gemco will build, operate and own a number of regional refineries around Peru for the benefit of Fenamarpe’s 350,000 members who will benefit through higher yields and transparency that has been lacking in other facilities. Gemco will also agree to stake claims in joint ownership with members of the federation for mineral and mining rights on sites that prove to present strong economic potential. This will provide Gemco with the opportunity for immediate and majority participation in high grade, high yield mining sites or concessions currently owned by the small miners who’s concessions are being minimally worked for lack of capital and technology. This important relationship will provide serious improvement in the living and economic standards of the members of the federation. Gemco will provide modern technology and open market opportunities to members who will benefit through higher production volume and better pricing for their ores due to transactional transparency. The company has been in negotiations with Fenamarpe for a number of months and this accord represents a major step forward in our relationship with this important organization. Gemco has estimated that the full potential value of this opportunity is estimated to run into hundreds of millions of dollars.

For General Mining – Chairman – Norman Kaish

Ivan Kerzner, Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Albino, Director of Operations
Robert Garcia, Director of Technical and Scientific Services

For Fenamarpe – President Teodulo Medibna

Hugo Ricardo Pacheco, Director Control
Rafael Semiuario Cordova, Director of Legal Issues
Americo Castillo Arteala, Director Coordination
David Copello Zeballos, Director of Acts and Files
Katharine Cespedes Taipe, Secretaria
Veronica Yoana Caceres, Secretari